The Cooperative Middle School Renewal addresses the changing educational and facility needs of CMS students.

Due to changes in programming and staffing since opening in 1998, CMS has become overcrowded. The CMS Renewal seeks to align these changes with the building in a fiscally responsible manner – improving student safety and strengthening our students’ educational experiences.


Project Goals

Team Areas

Increase the number of team areas


Expand & reconfigure the cafeteria


Add an additional elevator

Office Space

Add additional office space

Physical Education

Add additional space for PE programming

Construction Photos June 2020

Slide Gymnasium & Cafeteria Entrance Slide Cafeteria & Gymnasium Slide Slide New Foundation for Multi-Purpose Room Slide Laying Foundation Slide Tech Ed Slide Tech Ed Slide Gymnasium entrance & storage area

CMS Renewal Committee

The CMS Renewal Committee was established in the fall of 2015 to evaluate the needs of CMS and develop and present a plan to the ERCSB for addressing any shortcomings. The committee is composed of parents, teachers, administrators, taxpayers, and business people. Every member of the committee lives in one of our six towns and each town has at least one committee member.

Current Problem Areas